Build smarter.


When you build with Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) you’ll find it consistent, accurate, square, straight and very easy to handle for your team.  

As a home owner, it will provide you a healthier home. 
Resistant to moisture penetration, mould growth, twisting, warping, and backed up with a 50 year durability warranty for ultimate peace of mind.


Straight, accurate, quick and easy for your team to handle.

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Home Owners

Say goodbye to cracked walls, cladding, sticking doors and window frames.

Learn why more Kiwi’s are choosing steel frames


Design the same way as you do now, it’s very similar.  

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Discover the Advantages of Steel Framing

When it comes to building, structural integrity is everything. Traditional wooden materials are prone to warp, sag or shrink over time, hence increasing the risks of cracked walls, jammed doors and waving rooflines. Framing materials made from steel is an investment for your building’s future.

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Home Construction Like No Other

Marco Frame comes with a structural durability warranty of 50 years. In the building industry today, it’s impossible to look beyond a product that comes with a warranty of that timeframe. There is a lot to like about building with Marco Frame steel. Interested?

About Us

Interested in Building With Steel?

Blurb here about being experts when it comes to steel buildings with over 45 years experience in steel buildings in the commercial sector. We have a team and network of engineers, designers, fabricators x x x to support you on your building journey etc etc.