How do you fix weather or linea board to steel frame home?

The cladding installation requirements for a steel frame is similar to the installation to timber frame, except for the type of fixings to be used and the inclusion of a thermal break.

The simplest way for installation is to temporary fix the thermal break board with a small screw or adhesive, then rigid air barrier the same way. these are both a temporary fix as the cavity batten will fix them permanently when installed. Then fix cavity batten, which holds the this in place and then fix the cladding into the cavity batten.

For fixings, use a 8-10 g Self embedding steel wingtek screws Class 3 or 4 and must meet minimum 15 year durability requirements of NZBC.
Zone C and B – Class 3 required
Zone D and Sea Spray Zone and Geothermal areas – Class 4 required
Length will depend on the fixing method.

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