MarcoFrame® for Home Owners

Why build my home with LGSF?

Stability and Strength

  • Steel is the epitome of stable.
  • Remains straight, accurate and has a superior finish
  • Provides straighter walls and square corners.
  • Has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which can mean a longer span and larger windows.
  • Say goodbye to sticking doors and window frames

A Healthier Safer Home

  • Steel simply does not absorb moisture.
  • No preservatives or post-treatment to prolong it’s life.
  • Allergenic Free, Dust Free and minimises the use of insecticides.
  • Recognised by the Asthma Foundation of New Zealand as a “sensitive choice” as steel framing doesn’t support the growth of mould or rot and emit gases or other vapours.
  • If you experience the unfortunate event of a house fire then the steel framing will not add fuel to the fire because it does not burn.



With obvious design and quality advantages, the benefits of building with Marco Frame® steel cannot be ignored. Learn why more New Zealander’s are choosing steel frame homes.

Get it Right from the Start

  • Straight, accurate & superior finish.
  • Resists moisture penetration eliminating mould growth & rot.
  • Backed up with a 50 year durability warranty.

Unrivaled Accuracy

  • Steel framing is stable during moisture changes.
  • Say goodbye to cracked walls, cladding, sticking doors and window frames.

A Healthier, Safer Home

  • No preservatives or post-treatment to prolong it’s life.
  • Allergenic Free, Dust Free and minimises the use of insecticides.
  • Recognised as healthier homes by Asthma foundations worldwide.
  • Non-combustible material that won’t ignite, and presents minimum fire risk.

Better Design Flexibility

  • Steel is the Choice for independent builders in custom architectural designs
  • Strength & spanning capabilities offer better design options to create open plan spaces.

A More Sustainable Future with Marco Steel Frames

  • Marco Frame supports structural loads more effectively than timber. Uses less material, is 100% recyclable – more sustainable.
  • Good environmental choice for future generations.

Exceptional Warranties

  • In the building industry today, any product that comes with a 50 year warranty is a no brainer. Choose steel.


Common Questions from Builders

If you haven’t yet worked with steel frames, you probably have some questions. Here we explain some of the more commonly asked questions, but for any further information give us a call on 0800 635 000

Steel framing has been constructed successfully for decades, and have gained more popularity especially in New Zealand because of their resistance to moisture penetration, rot and warping, making it a healthier investment for you and your family for years to come.

No. Steel doesn’t shrink or swell because it does not absorb moisture. It also doesn’t twist or warp, so say goodbye to sticking doors, window jams, wavy rooflines and popping nails or screws. Steel is true and accurate, remaining stable in moisture levels year after year.

For mould to grow, it requires mould spores, moisture and organic materials. Steel cannot support mould growth because it doesn’t carry any organic materials, which is the opposite of timber framing.

Unlike timber frames, Marco Frame steel does not require any preservatives or post-treatment to prolong its life. That means it’s Allergenic free, Dust-free and minimises the use of insecticides. That’s why steel frame homes are widely recognised as a healthier home, and backed by Asthma foundations across the world. 

No. Whether its steel or timber frames, framing accounts for about one-tenth of the overall cost of the building. Therefore, the actual material of the framing doesn’t impact the cost. There are added cost benefits of steel due to it being faster to erect, and easier to handle on-site, especially at heights, saving time and money. Other advantages include the reduced number of callbacks once a building is completed – Cracks, sticking doors & plaster lining damage is practically eliminated.

Steel frames provide more accuracy and strength, making it more suitable for open-plan spaces. The high strength-to-weight ratio makes steel frames ideal for single or multi-storey home designs up to 4 levels. Straight and 100% accurate, steel frames are the perfect choices for New Zealand home design. Open plan living spaces with longer spans, and precise architectural rooflines, are made possible with the strength of Starke Frame steel on sloping or flat building sections.

Marco Frame comes with a structural durability warranty of 50 years. In the building industry today, it’s impossible to look beyond a building product that comes with a warranty of that timeframe.

All New Zealand steel framing is made from cold-rolled high tensile steel, so frames are around 1/3 of the weight of comparable timber framing. The strength to weight ratio is without equal and makes it less destructive during seismic activity because it carries less mass. 

No. Steel frame homes are permanently earthed in accordance with NZ building code & local authority requirements. As its earthed, lightning energy is conducted straight to ground.

Steel framing does not produce cracks from shrinkage or warping more commonly found in timber frame homes. Your home will stay warm and draft-free.

Yes, because they arrive to site pre-fabricated & ready to be installed straight away. Less weight means its lighter and easier to install too.

 No. Steel frames are coated with zinc to protect it from corrosion.