About Marco

Who We Are

Marco manufacture precision-made Steel Frames for residential housing from our world-class manufacturing facility in Auckland. Our team has strong links to the industry, with experience in windows & doors and commercial Steel Structures over three generations.

We pride ourselves on having the best industry expertise across our network of PhD qualified engineers, product developers and management team. Thats how we design and manufacture building products to exact specifications and finishes every time. In this game, reputation is everything.



For Home Owners

Resists moisture penetration.

Eliminates mould growth and rot.

Steel framing does not warp, twist or crack.

Steel frames are allergenic & dust Free.

Steel is a non-combustible material, minimum fire risk.

50 year Structural Warranty

For Builders

Quick to erect & 100% accurate.

Marco Frames work seamlessly with Starke windows & doors for faster build times.

Pre-punched holes for follow on trades.

Resists shrinkage, warping and cracking.

No delays in bad weather.

50 year Structural Warranty

For Architects

Marco Frame steel is rigorously tested.

Specify with absolute confidence.

Straight, true and resistant to deformation.

The strength of steel frame sections create cost effective open-plan spaces.

Better sustainability & 100% recyclable.

50 year Structural Warranty

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